Vegetarian meal that made a priest faint

There's some pretty crazily named food out there. Bombay duck (it's a fish), strozapetti ( a pasta shape which translates as priest strangler) and we can add to the list Imam Bayildi.

This is a beautiful vegetarian dish which translates from the Turkish as the priest fainted, the priest being the imam, muslim holy man.

For the perfect fine pub dining in Essex experience, we simply cannot ignore our vegetarian brothers and sisters. That is why we offer the moorish (and moreish) delight that is imam bayildi. An aubergine stuffed with a beautifully garlicky tomato and onion sauce and served with the squeaky cheese phenomenon that is halloumi fritters. Also some jewelled taboulleh to make sure you are more than full.

The name comes from the fact the priest swooned when he tasted how good the dish was....hmmm!

We love it and it is now on our main menu, so will be available all the time and at a price that won't make you faint.

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