Recipe - Bois Boudrin (tomato dressing)

Here's a little bonus for you all as Justin shares his dead simple‪ ‎recipe‬ for a beautiful tomato dressing called Bois Boudrin or Boudran.

Gorgeous and tangy with steak, poached salmon or shellfish. This is enough for a dinner party.

In a bowl add:

45g tomato ketchup 60g Dijon mustard 10g Worcester Sauce 25 drops of Tobasco Sauce 10g chopped chives 30g chopped shallot 30g taragon (optional)

Whisk together with a couple of tablespoons of warm water to emulsify and drizzle over. More soon from the A-Z of the Fine Dining in Essex A-Z...‪#‎DukesHeadHBO‬

tomato dressing.jpg

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