We have to admit we're getting better...

…there will be plenty more Beatles’ references and puns coming over the next few weeks and months - paying tribute to chef proprietor Justin’s musical obsession (spot them all for much kudos and back-slapping) - as we launch the Duke's Head A-Z of the best Gastro pub experience in Essex.

Justin Grin.jpg

For those of you who don’t know about us yet, where the flipping heck have you been? Seriously, where? We provide diners with the best roast dinners, the perfect a la carte menu and the most amazing drinks and front-of-house service in super-comfortable surroundings that you can possibly imagine; therefore we can only assume you’ve been living in one of 4,000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire (you won’t need any Help! to spot that one I’m guessing).

If that’s the unfortunate case, may we offer you a breath of fresh air in our choice of two beer gardens: one at the back for big p


Meanwhile, the front-of-house team led by the lovely Liz, have been pandering to every whim of the happy diners both inside and out. Old school service with a cheeky smile, what’s not to love, love, love?

So here we go, the A-Z of the perfect Essex gastropub, or is it’ gastro pub’ or even ‘gastro-pub’, who knows, who cares, we make the rules anyway….we’ll kick off the list with the letter A, then B; like I said, we make the rules!

With love from the Duke’s Head team

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